“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

Willie Nelson

I am continuing to work towards my goals and have got the accommodation and plane tickets ready for the trip in a few weeks for the five-day intensive to continue with the Graduate Certificate in Sand Tray Therapy.

I have read all the learning guides and continue to look at the prescribed book (which I misplaced and needed to repurchase).  I have started making the list of all required bits and pieces and have planned the wardrobe whilst away.  I do love a good list of things to tick off.

I am feeling a little more positive about myself and learning this new therapy although, the imposter syndrome is waiting and lurking just behind me.  This means that I need to continue practicing my daily affirmations to ensure that my positivity and cheerleading continues as I don’t want to lapse back into the negative mindset.

I will also be doing some tapping before each day and remind myself that I can do this, I may not have mastered it yet, but there is time as I am learning.  Giving myself permission to be vulnerable whilst at the training and learn how it feels to work in the sand.  I have deliberately taken accommodation by myself, rather than attending the group house as I know that I will need time to process, and I like my own space to reflect whilst training and this also ensures my privacy.

I need to complete 40 hours of sand tray therapy and have started a list of prospects and began to have the conversation of what this may look like.  I am pretty sure that I have sufficient miniatures to commence this as I have been collecting for over six months now.  Last week I started a journal of what I have and hoping that a few more on my wish list magically appear before me. 

So only a few more weeks and then all the hard work begins……..AND I can get all the miniatures set up in my office!