“Of all your troubles, great and small, the greatest are the ones that don’t happen at all.” 

Thomas Carlyle

This week we are exploring anxiety and how this can impact on our everyday lives and wellbeing.

Most of the time, I can manage the anxiety that presents from time to time.  However, this week has been a little more difficult than others as I have spent two days out of the office presenting to local businesses. 

Whilst I enjoy seeing my peers and colleagues in the organisations, my imposter syndrome and fear of public speaking raises its head from time to time. Whilst I know the script and have presented this many times – events from my past, a panic attack on stage and treatment – make me more reliant on my script and I feel that I am now reading all the information to the audience.  This then makes me more self-conscious and nervous.  It seems a constant battle in my head.  I know that the two days is also making me more tired, and this also adds to the stressors already in play!

As all this negativity is going on around in my head, I wonder if this is what others see or what I am assuming?  It’s a difficult situation, should I state the obvious (to me) OR do I hope that it is not as noticeable?  This is further complicated by one response last year, in which a participant felt that I overshared.  It is such a fine line at times.

All I can do today, is reflect, refuel and recharge and hope that I can shake off the nerves of anxiety.

So, I have had a good night’s sleep and will ensure that my food intake is sufficient and that I hydrate myself.  This will ensure that my self-care is adequate to provide the best possible start for the day. Oh, and a little therapy with the dogs!

For those of you who have imposter syndrome and/or anxiety that presents from time to time – how do you cope or plan for certain events?