“Sometimes the best things are right in front of you; it just takes some time to see them.”

Gladys Knight

This week we are discussing appreciation and how this can improve not only your life, but that of others.

Being appreciated or appreciating the people that you interact with, lifts moods.   I spoke with a colleague recently in which he advised that he is making a conscious effort to appreciate things and people on a daily basis.  This has increased his positivity and general outlook for life.

For me, my appreciation is for the advances in the medical field – especially given as it is my annual testing time, and I was in need of an ultrasound and mammogram as part of my post cancer treatment.

Thankfully a new radiography clinic opened locally, and this provides more up to date machines which increases accuracy and observations.  For the first time in a long period of time, the procedures did not retraumatise me and the process went smoothly without any hitches in the organisation.  A pleasing result all round and one that I very much appreciated.

Another thing that I am appreciative of (and this is a HUGE one) was that that all our family were present in the one location, and we had an early Christmas get together.  This is a momentous event for us as family members are/have been geographically distant for some time.  The previous celebration was a family wedding many years ago. 

We also spent some time with the extended family over the weekend celebrating a joint 60th and this allowed us all to be in the same space of special friends that have become family for us over a long period of time.  It was great to see everyone and once again enjoy watching the generations of the families interact.  The last occasion that this happened was in April 2023 at a wedding and we are now enjoying an extended family member’s pregnancy as they await to celebrate their new family early in the New Year.

It has been a lovely week appreciating all these beautiful people in my life and the advancement within the medical field, including imaging.