“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.”

Thomas Merton

Finding balance in life can be really tricky at times.  There doesn’t seem to be enough time, enough money or energy.

Unfortunately, sometimes, we really need to stop and prioritise what is really important to us and our family situation.

This can be a difficult task as everyone has competing aspects of their life that needs attention.  How do we balance our needs to meet the other family members’ needs and/or expectations? 

For me, this is where I need to ensure that I am continuing to do sufficient self-care, as I cannot make any important decisions unless my own wellbeing is being maintained.  Am I eating correctly, having enough hydration, exercising sufficiently and taking take out for myself?  No matter how tight time or money is it is essential to make time for you and your own wellbeing.

If you are in a family, perhaps a family conference could be held, and everyone’s perspective could be put on the table?  If the kids are too young for this, a joint meeting between the parents away from the kids may be more beneficial.  The same for a couple would work.  If you are not in a relationship, a decisional matrix may assist you to look at all aspects of your life and try to find out what is missing or needed.

What are essential items and how can you make time, energy and/or finance them?

Can you cut down on work hours?  Sometimes we don’t realise how little difference a reduction of work hours is financially.  Have a look at the taxation rates as it may surprise you!  This could release hours to add to your schedule. 

Are you wasting time?  Is there something that you could delegate to others?  A task that you don’t enjoy or doesn’t need to be done at all? 

This list is only the beginning, however, as always – the beginning is a great place to start.