Balancing competing needs

“Resistance is a sign that shows you’re going the right way”

Constance Friday

This week’s topic is the competing needs that we all have and attempting to find balance to ensure that everyone and everything still manages to get done or has their slice of time.  All those roles and responsibilities can wear a little thin at times.  Being a partner, parent, employee, employer, volunteering, schoolwork and the list could continue.  Finding yourself in the busyness of life can be difficult at times. 

I recall when my kids were younger, and we were very busy as a family with their schooling, sports and social life.  Throw in both parents working and I was also studying at university after a twenty-year schooling break.  Life was certainly tough and at times, we were all a little stressed (especially me when assignments were due and working towards the compulsory 14-week unpaid placements).  The upcoming financial stress was relieved by a paid placement from my workplace and a grant that was provided by the NSW government – this was so appreciated by not only myself but the whole family.  Prior to this, I had been stockpiling groceries in anticipation.  Perhaps this also assisted in recent times!

Whilst life is not so busy for my household now, looking back, I wish I knew more about the importance of self-care to preserve not only my own sanity, but those around me.  I wish I had known more about mindfulness and practiced the skills to ensure that when things got overwhelming, I had the ability to calm myself down and not place so much pressure on myself, which stressed us all out.

My question to you – what do you do to find balance in your life?  What steps do you take to ensure that your needs are also looked after?