Being a carer

“One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.” 

Jim Rohn

Being a carer can be a rewarding AND also difficult at times, especially if you are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  It can also be many roles; you may be the partner and the carer, the parent and the carer or the child and the carer.  The list is endless as are the tasks that you may take on; financial, home care, personal care along with meals, medications and so forth.

You and the recipient may live in the same residence, or you may drop in daily to complete the tasks.  Being a carer is a complex and multifaceted role.

Over the years, I have had discussions with both carers and health professionals, and I have noted that at times, carers don’t necessarily identify with the caring role.  They may only identify as the wife or partner.  This may mean that they miss out on many advantages that the government provides to those in the caring role.  Did you know that there are financial benefits for carers through Centrelink, or that the Commonwealth government sponsors a range of services through Carers Gateway?  Dependent on the recipient’s diagnosis and/or age, they may also be eligible for National Disability Insurance Scheme or Home Care Services or Aged Care Packages. 

Ironically, as I write this – I note that Carers week is on from Sunday 15th to Saturday 21st October 2023 with this year’s theme “Millions of reasons to care”.  The website suggests that we all can support carers by checking in regularly, offering them a break, acknowledging and appreciating, initiating support and encouraging self-care.

To all the carers out there, please remember that I like many others, really appreciate the work you do to support and care for those you love. 

Please remember to take time out for yourself, to ensure that you are well refreshed and have the energy you need, to support others.