Being connected with friends/family

“True human connection is found at the level of pure consciousness.” 

Patrick Zeis

It’s a little ironic (or timely) that my theme for this week is proximity or closeness of relationships as on Saturday I was part of a high tea, in which 56 women came together with a friend (and/or family members) or more to raise funds for a local organisation which assists others in their cancer journey.

Whilst the event was a fundraiser and awareness for breast cancer – it became so much more than what was planned.  It became a celebration and an opportunity for friends (and new friends) to spend some time together and talk without fear of interruption and without the distraction of our normal activities and responsibilities. 

Looking back to Saturday, it seems that for many women in the room – they were craving the opportunity to catch up socially with those who are important to them.  To be able to maintain the bonds to those who assist us in our time of need.  The ability to keep these important bonds viable and sustain them.  It was an opportunity to spend quality time uninterrupted and have the time and space for connection, to deeply listen and reconnect face to face.  It seems that the past two years of restrictions had impacted negatively on the ability to connect with our friends.  You could feel the buzz and energy in the room – it was electrifying at times.

The unexpected outcome from Saturday’s event, has reinforced to me the importance of being connected and that in order to sustain the bonds, we all need to work on the relationships that are important to us, and this means investing time and space to be able to do this. This is something that my family has implemented since our health scares.  Initially it was breakfast on Wednesdays prior to treatment.  We also extend this to lunches with family and friends. 

Unfortunately, time does get away from us and if we don’t make the effort, so can the relationship.

Have you made time for someone special to you lately?  Is it time to reach out and reconnect with a special person in your life?

Oh, as an added bonus – we also raised a substantial amount of money for the organsiation.  Wins all around, happy women and a happy organisation.