“Books … they’re kind of a compulsion for me. To find a great bookstore is a great thing.”

Philip Seymour Hoffman

I have purchased so many books over the past few months. 

Books are also a compulsion for me and at the recent conference, three new books were purchased and are sitting patiently waiting for their turn to be read.  Then whilst on holidays, I saw this new one in the window and it was encouraging me to pick it up and buy.  I have started reading it and am looking forward to taking the eight-week program to see if I can expand on my mindfulness skills. I will admit that I have a series of books from one of the joint authors as I find his work very interesting.

I love to have my own collection of books, both to read and share with others as I learn new skills through these. 

Interestingly I have met some of the authors from my collection and this commenced many years ago.  Approximately fifteen years ago, I assisted in leading a literacy conference in our region and invited Phil Kettle and Scot Gardiner to speak to local students about their books.  I do have some signed copies of each of their collections (although some have not been returned over the years) along with others that I have admired.

Two of my friends and colleagues have also authored books and I attended both their launches during the past few years.  How marvellous that they have been able to share their story about their life and the trials that have occurred and how brave they are to speak of their truth.

To visit a bookshop is a great experience and I will only enter IF I have sufficient time to browse as I need to wonder and browse until the right book(s) attract my attention.  I really enjoy looking for gifts, especially for the grandchildren – although this can be quite daunting given their age.  So, at times, will purchase a gift card – so that they can also enjoy the experience and purchase a book that is right for them. 

I am so grateful that I have a local bookshop to enjoy.