Bookstores – another great resource

“Bookshops and libraries are a backstage of success.”

Piotr Kowalczyk

Ironically, I am writing this as I sit in COVID19 isolation at home when I have the time and space to read, and I cannot browse a prospective new read at a bookshop!  Life is so unfair at times.

Bookshops are one of my favourite stores and I often find myself browsing in them, both locally and whilst visiting places and it is not very often that I leave one empty handed.  I even have a favourite online store for when I know of the specific book I need, and this sits as a shortcut on my web browser. Thankfully, I can tell myself that shopping for gifts is a wonderful thing to do and allow myself more time to browse without feeling guilty!

As you can imagine, I have an extensive library – both at work and at home.  I have been known to have multiple books on a topic and finishing them one after another.  Family members have commented on this at times, that if they didn’t know me well – they may think I have a problem!

My collection is quite eclectic and ranges from mindfulness to a spectrum of therapies and health systems within Australia.  I really enjoy reading about how people overcome adversity in their lives and have a strong section in the bookshelf of this collection.   

I also love reading the history of places that I am visiting or going to visit.  I have fond memories of reading The Rum Jungle whilst living in Northern Territory and going to visit the region.  Unfortunately, I feel that due to time and loss of brain power, I may need to re-read the book (if still in print) to rediscover what the region was about!  When I returned from India, I read many books on micro lending as I had seen how this worked whilst over there.  This very idea is still fresh in my mind and still intrigues.  Imagine the difference this would make to so many if this was followed worldwide.

When I was studying, I had to ban myself from both the library and bookshop (unless of course it was for referencing material)!  There was no time for reading for pleasure, every article was related to whatever I was studying at the time.  This burnt me out for a little while, but I am definitely back to devouring any literature that looks a little interesting.

Anyway, best go and pick up a book and assume rest position on the lounge.

Do you have a favourite book?  What are you reading at the moment?