Boundaries #2

“No” is a complete sentence.” 

Annie Lamott

Boundaries is described as a limit of something abstract, especially a subject or sphere of activity.  We all have our own boundaries that we (hopefully) utilise in our lives, both at work and at home.  For me, having a new puppy, trying to establish boundaries within his behaviour to ensure he grows into a well adjusted and safe dog for others to be around.

Since we picked up Apollo, we have been working with him to establish boundaries that we would like in his behaviour.  Some have been easier to introduce, he is very good at sitting and waiting for his food.  The “no biting” rule is taking a little time, however, I am happy to say – he is nearly out of this.  I have not had any blood taken over the past week, although I have had a few little nips!

We (Apollo and I) are working on sleep hygiene (both his and mine) and this is getting a little better also.  Although he is waking up early, he is managing to resettle and go back to sleep for a little longer and I am hopeful that with consistency in my behaviour – this to will get better.

We had our family come to visit last week and he (and the grandkids) got to know each other, and more boundaries were instilled.  We are hoping that this continues on their next visit or when Apollo meets new young people.

We both still need to work on the new habits that he is finding, he really is enjoying exploring the benches in the kitchen to see what he needs!  Jumping on the couch is another new trick and learning how to not take me out in the process is now on the agenda.  He has a lot of power behind him in full flight mode!

So like puppy school, we are continuing to build up our boundaries (and reinforce them often) as Apollo learns new skills.  And just like any parent – it is easier when life is travelling better for me to reinforce them.  In order to be consistent, I need to ensure that I have sufficient energy, which then provides better structure for Apollo to learn from.

Are you being consistent with your boundaries at present?  Or do they also need a little work or a stronger foundation?