Change #2

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Winston Churchill

Change is both constant and a choice.

At times, change is forced upon us and may be out of our control.  This may be a new manager or new direction at work.  We can buck the system and dig our feet in; however, the change will happen with or without us and it takes so much energy to hold back the tide.  If we learn to sit with the change and work with it – the energy that we need is so much less and is a healthier option for us.  It takes a little while to work through the emotions BUT we can also change the way we look at it, which also assists in how we react to the change.  Whilst the choice of change is not yours, you can choice to work towards the change in a different way.  This is in your control.

Another change that you can choose is the way you react in different situations.  Your behaviour is yours to control.  Sometimes, we all react in ways that weren’t so great and if that happens, you attempt to mend the relationship with the person(s) involved.  Apologise and reflect, then continue on in the manner that you are more comfortable with.

We change internally as we are constantly exposed to new information that is presented to us.  Whether by reading, through the news or by discussing with other people.  It is okay to say – that I have changed my mind and provide the reason why.  Learning and change is constant.

Another change is formal education, choosing to seek further education and training.  This is another choice and involves time spent immersing yourself in the topic to be explored.  It can be both exciting and frightening and often you may be asking yourself why you are there and feel overwhelmed and inadequate in the classroom, whether face to face or virtual.  I imagine that this is a normal reaction to information overload and new experiences.  Even change that we desire, can make us feel insecure whilst we are working towards it.

How do you deal with change in your life?