Changing relationships

“Be careful of people who talk you out of being you.”

Colleen Sheehy Orme

As we change constantly as we are exposed to new ideas and ways of doing things, so do our relationships with others – both our partners and significant friends.

Without nurturing the relationships, this can place difficulties or friction.  Especially if you have always “held” a particular role in the relationship. 

I recall when assisting in group work and advising the clients, that as they grew and developed – this could place strains on their relationships with family and friends.  That they needed to be aware of their own change and how this could impact, making sure that they spoke about the positive changes in their life and how they were now taking responsibility for their emotional health and wellbeing.

For the rest of us, the changes are a little more subtle, however the impact can be just as obvious.  Many examples could be used here.  A parent taking on more hours in paid employment, changing careers or going to university.  And of course, adding children to a relationship.

At times, we also lose ourselves in a relationship and it can happen so easily.  Being aware of your values and boundaries are really important.  Standing up for yourself if you feel that you have been treated poorly, having a respectful conversation when both parties are calm is essential.  These courageous conversations can be difficult if not handled properly.  Picking the time and place for the conversation is also a critical part.  Making certain that there is no competing needs, that you won’t be interrupted and of course privacy is essential. 

Many relationships have their ups and downs – it is how we handle the differences that make the relationship stronger, or not!  Communication is key.