There is no way around the hard work.  Embrace it.” 

Roger Federer

It’s no secret that I have been struggling attempting to fit in a new therapy and the learning that this requires into my life.  I am slowly going through the assessments prior to attending the five-day intensive and hoping that my learnings so far are sufficient.

I have successfully completed a unit this past week and am feeling a little overwhelmed on that there is so much to complete, both at the intensive and afterwards.

I am in the process of downloading all the documents required at the intensive and am hoping to read these all prior to attending, however, some of these are not letting me download and this is a little frustrating for me – especially when we all have limited available time.

So, as the time nudges nearer to the intensive as it is now less than a month away – I find myself focusing on what I can do rather than what is not working for me.  I have decided to be my own cheerleader in order to complete ALL the necessary work and ensure that I make time for this.

I know that I have had a block with this course and moments of imposter syndrome, so I have decided to rewire my brain and embrace the hard work that this therapy needs and deserves.  I was worried about my recent assessments and am pleased that I nailed them the first time around and did not need to resubmit – so I really need to change my mindset and go with the fact that I CAN and will finish this.

I requested and have received an extension as I had been a little slack up until this month.  So I have given myself a time frame and this will be completed by the start of January 2024.  I gave myself this time to be able to complete during the Christmas break and I believe that this is achievable.

Giving myself permission to be brave and vulnerable AT the same time. 

How do you encourage yourself?  Are you needing to start cheerleading yourself on?