“You see we were given choices to make. We are not robots, we are not fake. So if you’re faced with a trial or two don’t give up, let others help you through.”

Catherine Pulsifer

We make choices every day, these are decisions that we make from a range of options available to us.  Sometimes, we may feel that they aren’t the choices that we would like BUT we need to select from them regardless.   Not making a choice is also an option AND this then takes our free will away and may stop us from achieving what we set out to do.

As the quote highlights, sometimes we may need to talk out loud to weigh up our choices.  What are the positives (advantages) and negatives (disadvantages) of each option? Our friends may wish to assist us, but do they have a preferred option or agenda for us?  Whilst talking about this is helpful, perhaps having a more neutral person, will assist you in exploring the choices to which one fits you best or what you are attempting to achieve.  Digging deeper and investigating the possibilities and where this may lead and of course, looking at if this matches with your value system.

Decisions can be difficult, and you may need some time to investigate, or time may be against you and a decision needs to be made quite soon.  Either way, there are a range of tools which may assist you moving forward.  Do you need the assistance of a decisional matrix, which assists in plotting down the positives and negatives of all the choices?  Or do you need strategies to assist you or to soothe the nerves whilst navigating the choices available?  Learning to tolerate the emotions whilst making decisions is possible.

Whichever choice you make, always have comfort in that you can change your mind at any time and look at a new direction – should you feel that the decision was not the best for you at this time.

Take care and be kind to yourself whilst exploring and debating the choices available.

PS: I had some tough decisions to make last night – which pup did I want AND what his name is. Tough call!