Clinic relocation and discomfort

“Change is uncomfortable, but it’s helpful!”

Israelmore Ayivor

I have been wondering what to write about for this week’s blog and I got a little stuck.  For three days I have been pondering and was getting a little frustrated!  Then I remembered to look at my plan – I had hidden it away because we have had visitors over the festive season.  Guess what, it spoke about discomfort and how change can be uncomfortable. 

This is so true!  My vagueness may be a result of relocating my clinic to a new address!  Over the festive season, with the support of my family, I relocated to new premises.  Whilst the furniture remains the same – attempting to fit it in a different room size can be challenging at times.  The past four years, I gradually added items to my room and was feeling comfortable with how things looked.  As I had pre-packed some of my belongings, I still have a few personal items to move over (photographs and glassware).  Overall, I am happy with the transition of the clinic and am still finding my feet in some of the new processes that I have had to change with the relocation.

I am slowly ticking off all the little items that need to be changed, such as the website and Facebook address and those other listings through outside organisations.  I have a new payment system to learn and adapt as I find little gremlins.  It all takes memory and brain power to stay on top of.  All the little items that you overlook until it pops out and reminds you (note to self – need to print off some new labels for the flyers and drop back to the previous clinic).

With the relocation, there is also other new learnings and finding out how the whole office/business centre works.  Learning about the other businesses and staff – this is taking some time as some of the businesses are still on leave.  Some of the discomfort remains until this is all sorted. 

Then there is the positive side of my relocation.  The new opportunities to expand into group work (COVID19 restrictions permitting) and what this may look like.  New networking opportunities with the existing tenants along with being closer to the town centre and the public transport system.  The relocation also provided the opportunity to clear out the old records and obsolete paperwork – a task I had been putting off for some time. 

So here I am, sitting and reflecting in my new space and I am pleased with the transition so far.  Yes, it is a little uncomfortable BUT it is also necessary for the growth of me and my business.  The quote above describes the relocation beautifully.

Hope to see you in my new space.