“Without commitment, you cannot have depth in anything, whether it’s a relationship, a business or a hobby.”

Neil Strauss

Commitment is such a strong word and yet we cannot complete anything without this.

I had a break from mosaics last term as I tried to catch up with my therapy training, however, this did not work either as I did not provide myself the time and space for this.

With the relocation, I now have a designated space for the therapy room.  The space holds both sand trays and all the symbols and I am hoping that this reignites my commitment to this therapy.  Just a few more adjustments to the overall space and I will be able to use the space more appropriately.  Waiting for trades people to complete the necessary work and then all systems go!

I have also blocked out time in my diary each week to ensure that I have the time and space to complete my study.  I have set myself tasks to finish each week in this time – at least one assessment and to do the reflections and upload the photos of the completed sand trays each week (with the help of my assistant).  This means that I am ticking off the assessments and getting on top of all of the administration.  It will also assist in getting my supervision notes together as I need to prepare five of this over the cycle of the course.  I have one down and am currently getting ready for the second presentation to the group and supervisor.  It all takes time and energy to complete, and I need to ensure that I am on top of my game.  Commitment also needs focus, and this had been lacking until recently.  

The training organisation I am with has introduced study groups, however, the other members are not available at this time – this means that I need to step up on my own and take charge of my own learning outcomes.  Something I should have done earlier!

I also know that without making time for mosaics, this interrupts my self-care and that then places a further stress on my diary.  Without sufficient self-care, I am unable to perform at my best!  A double whammy for sure.

Once again, I forgot to practice what I often talk about!  Nothing like a reality check to change things around.