“There is no illusion greater than fear.”

Lao Tzu

This week we are discussing confidence and at times our confidence can wane.

For those who are following my mosaic journey, my confidence comes and goes with this as I challenge myself with different projects and the different textures that you can use.

I have completed a few major projects, and each have had different degrees of difficulty.  My first big project was the bird bath, and this was made of precut products.  Due to this, the project was completed and installed in the back yard quite quickly.

My glass mirror was a project that overwhelmed me at times, and this took some time as I started and stopped due to this.  In fact, I started many other projects during this time as a way of delaying working on it.

I attended a mannequin workshop during this time and working with tile and crockery is a lot more forgiving.  This encouraged me to continue and nine months later, Dawn was installed in the front garden bed.

Late last year, I attended another workshop and made a HUGE gazing ball.  Whilst making the ball was great fun and successful, the thought of completing the ball is once again overwhelming and I am uncertain of where and how to start.

To try and overcome this, I have decided to work on some smaller balls and have covered three in anticipation.  Once again, I stalled on the design stage and after a little procrastination – I decided to start the first one with precut glass.  Two weeks in and I have completed two thirds of the first ball, and I am planning on the second design.  I may continue with the precut and then work my confidence up to cutting either glass or tile for the third and then finally work on a design that is suitable for the size of the gazing ball.

I have chosen to build my confidence up and work in smaller steps, which hopefully will allow my mind to overcome the enormity of the ball and break through the invisible wall that it has put up.