“Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.” 

Samuel Johnson

Watching my grandies recently has reminded me that us adults often lose our curiosity as life gets busier.  Watching their joy at receiving a gift and then noting their expressions as they open and wonder what it could be.

I recall many years ago watching a young person looking in wonder at a drop of water making its way down a leaf and the absolute joy in seeing a puddle of water (and of course the need to jump in the puddle) and the satisfaction when completed.

Where does our curiosity go?  Do we wake up one day and not have it, or is it something that we assume that no longer serves us?

I have noted for me, that my curiosity was intrigued about fifteen months ago.  I began reading and exploring expressive arts therapies and this is when I started looking at Sand Tray Therapy.  I enrolled in a course in January 2023 and by February 2023 had ordered my first sand tray!  I have since had another sand tray made locally (thanks to the local Men in a Shed) and it is waiting for the sand to be delivered.

This curiosity has continued, and my collection of miniatures and symbols is ever growing.  So much so, that I have needed to relocate offices to ensure that the therapy has its own space.  Two trays and the collection need to be in the room, and this is competing with my usual therapy space and has begun to look too busy for some of the clients!  We laughingly talk about exposure therapy at its best!

So, over the Festive break, my family and I are moving all my tools and equipment over the road to a bigger space to accommodate this.  Thankfully we have two weeks to relocate and put the space to use.