“Clarity emerges when focus is engaged.” 

Anesu Masamba

For those of you that don’t know, mosaics are a form of self-care for me which I have utilised for some time now.  I must admit though, I have a love/hate relationship with this for a number of reasons.

Looking back at my photos as a form of diary, I began this journey in January 2022 when I popped into the local studio the month prior and began conversation with the art legend.

I began with my house number from precut shapes – I have a rather eclectic style.  My numbers are quite abstract and fit me well.  The artist did warn that mosaics are addictive and here I am with a few projects under my belt.

I then attended a couple of workshops.  Folding and undulation was my first and here I did an abstract piece – a knitted piece with knitting needles which is hung on my wall.  My second piece.

Since then, I have struggled.  I began a project February 2022 prior to the above workshop in June.  It was a mirror piece which I have formed a love/hate relationship with.  I did a couple of months then was really excited in the knitting, which I did finish.  My last photo of the mirror project was mid-March 2022.  I then bounced between the knitted piece and a gorgeous bird bath made out of precut pieces.  Thankfully I finished both.

My photo diary highlights that I then worked on the piece in October 2022 UNTIL the mannequin workshop in November and then I spent the next seven months birthing Dawn.  After this, I decided to continue having a break and have nearly completed another knitted project from the undulation workshop.

I had a little break to continue other studies and this year was shamed into finishing the mirror piece.  A change of day has assisted me in completing this huge task.  A few weeks in and I managed to complete all the work and grouted this week.  I have even managed to take the finished product to the framers and have ordered the frame.

I now realise that the message is perseverance.  Yes, it has taken me (please wait as I do the math) – thirteen months to finish this piece BUT keep plodding along no matter what is happening.  Yes, life can be difficult at times, but keep moving forward!

PS: it is now at the framers waiting for their magic to happen.  Photo of finished product in a few weeks.