“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

Albert Einstein

Flexibility is a wonderful thing, not only for the body but also the mind and both have been stretched over the past two weeks in preparation to relocate my clinic to its forever home.

Not only did I need to coordinate with my helpers (who had their own agendas), but also getting the practice ready to open next week.  In my haste, I forgot about floor coverings and unfortunately, they are in need of replacement and updating.  I have got the floor experts arriving prior to the (re)opening, however, will need to move the rooms around again when they install the coverings once they are ordered and received!

Due to the timing of the relocation, we also need to wait on the builder’s schedule to book in some much-needed updating in the bathrooms (think 1980’s original).  We have had the builder in to inspect and he will advise when his schedule opens up.

I have decided to sit with the exposed brickwork and original free standing reception desk and parquetry entry.  A little cosmetic work when the painter comes in, is all that is required here.  The office has lovely bones and for the past forty odd years has been solicitors’ space – the design seems very forward for its time.  Think ceiling windows in each room, very light and spacious. 

The space also requires updated window furnishings on the ceiling windows as the sun is very hot in our town this time of the year and the current ones are a little dated and need refreshing.

I have completed dressing the sand therapy room, my family assisted me today and built the trolley for all the accessories to be held.  I don’t know I survived in the space previously, the symbols look so at home in this space.  Both trays are ready for the new sand to be delivered from the local supplier.

I am slowly rearranging my library collection and have almost finished going through all my bits and pieces.  Thankfully solicitors also enjoy an array of books and had a built-in library shelving ready for me.  The counselling space will be finished tomorrow or Friday in readiness for next week’s appointments.

The most exciting piece of news is that my artwork is FINALLY on the walls after a two-year break, and they look fantastic.  I finally have ample space to display the whole collection (which was added to last year during my travels).

Oh, did I mention the huge space behind reception which could lend itself to future group work?

Flexibility and work in progress is going to be a constant over the next few months, along with my regular massage to assist with all the lugging and relocating!