Funding options to access counselling

“Personal finance involves numbers, graphs and logic, right? Yes and no. It does include all those things, but it includes so much more. Money and personal finance tend to be more about feelings and attitudes than the numbers.” 

Tamara Hull

This week’s discussion is about funding options for therapy/counselling.  There is always a cost of service, however at times, these may be subsidised or fully subsidised.  The choice of payment or accessing is always the clients.

Some people opt to go privately with a Medicare rebate or even fund the whole fee themselves.

For others, this may not be feasible and depending on your eligibility there are a range of other alternative pathways.

The Australian Government funds mental health services through your local Primary Health Network.  It may be worth visiting your local network’s website or phone them to find out which services have this funding source and how to access this.

Mental health services are state based and whilst they have criteria for accessing, they can also help you get to the right service for you if you don’t meet their criteria.

If you are a carer, reach out to Carers Gateway and they can assist to fund some sessions.  They also hold funding for a range of support for carers and are well worth a visit.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are available through your employer and are short term counselling support.  Check with your workplace for more details and ring their provider to access these, either by telephone, telehealth or in person.

For those with a NDIS package, Transport Accident Scheme or Workcover – please contact your plan or case manager as counselling can be provided.

It may be worth commencing the conversation about accessing counselling and support and working out how to fund the investment in YOU and YOUR health and wellbeing.