Goals #2

“Happiness is not a goal…it’s a by-product of a life well lived.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Goals are an essential part of planning and for me, I have goals in all aspects of my life; both my personal and professional.

I have always been a community minded person and have been involved in various clubs and schools that the family have attended.  When the kids grew up, I then joined other community groups and held many different positions – both as a professional or community member.

However, when I had my health scare and recovered from the treatment – I wanted to give back to the community in a different way.   So, one of my personal goals is to ensure that I continue to talk about the importance of breast screening (or any cancer screening) and to hold an event each year to celebrate “Breast Cancer Awareness month” in October along with raising funds for services that support those with cancer in our community.

Last year’s event was delayed to January 2022 due to COVID19 restrictions and this year, the event Is to be held on Saturday 8th October with a high tea to celebrate and promote awareness.

Thankfully, many people are assisting me with this goal.  I have my friends who are my sounding board and my family who also assist both physically and financially.  A collection of small businesses around the district also supports us with donations of prizes to ensure that we have a door prize for a lucky person in attendance and raffle prizes for multi draws.  And once again the prizes are amazing, and I would be happy to have any one of them and yes – I do purchase tickets with the aim to hopefully be lucky enough to grab a prize.  A local newspaper is assisting with free publicity through advertising space in their weekly publication over the month leading to the event.  All this assistance is greatly appreciated and assists us in getting the word out, even for those who are unable to attend.

Contributing to the community is rewarding for me and whilst the time taken to organise events like these, the rewards far outweigh the time spent.

Another personal goal is to ensure that I spend quality time with my family, and we plan small trips every few months and also time away for special events. 

What goals do you have, both personal and professional this year and are you actively working towards them?