Goals 2023

“Goals must never be from your ego, but problems that cry for a solution.”  

Robert H. Schuller

This week, our discussion is about goals – both personal and professional.  Whilst I am not a person who makes resolutions in the New Year, I do goal planning to assist in both direction and education for myself personally and for my professional development.  Ideally, professionally also benefits the clients that I work with. 

Last week, I spoke about reading over the Christmas break about expressive arts and how they can help us all deal with our mental health and wellbeing, especially trauma.  Well, I have now booked in for the training and am looking forward to commencing this shortly.  Who knows where this will lead?

This now adds to the many goals that I have both on the drawing board and mulling around in my brain, waiting for the opportunity to develop into a plan.  Apollo, our beautiful Standard Poodle is a work in project.  He is now 17 weeks old, and we are all learning how to cohabitate together and ensuring that he is developing into a socialised dog.  I am looking for more training for me to be able to manage his training needs on a higher level. 

For many years now, I have been mulling around with the idea of having a regular group training incorporating many of the therapies and skills that I have been working with over the many years of practice.  I have continued to reflect on this over the break and believe that it is slowly making it’s presence known.  My plan is to continue to reflect and look at the possible content and see how this develops over the coming year.  I am not rushing the process, but slowly moving forward.  I have nearly finished the mindfulness course that I booked in many month ago (read over six) and this is also assisting this process.

I have also booked in for a conference that is being held in late April, so professionally, many goals have been commenced and rolling along nicely.

On the personal front, my goals are also being set.  Booking in and taking planned breaks are essential for my mental health and wellbeing.  Short and long stays are currently being booked along with the essential dog care during these periods.  This includes planning an extended holiday in 2024 in which we have had the appointment with the travel agent to commence the process.

The other personal goal is the much-needed exercise program, and this is where I am stalling a little.  The dreaded bathers have been purchased and altered for my comfort, now I need to actually get to the pool for the program!  Wish me luck there!  Goals are great, however motivation is also required to get the results.