“Sometimes we must yield control to others and accept our vulnerability so we can be healed.” 

Kathy Magliato

In a world where not all of us have someone to confide in when emotions are strong, a friendly voice on a helpline may be what we need.  Add in the availability of the support lines after hours and for some 24/7, this is especially helpful.

Thankfully, there are a range of support lines available, and they all have people waiting to assist you.  For those who live in shared accommodation many support lines also have text options and/or email. 

There are helplines and support lines for children, teenagers, family issues (including parenting), drug and alcohol support for individuals with AOD and also for those supporting their loved ones, men’s lines, grief support, gambling support and family violence.  There is also QLife for our LGBTIQ+ community and Lifeline and Beyond Blue.  A new support line was launched in April this year for our ATSI community 13YARN or 13 92 76 for mob by mob.

For those who have a health issue – there is always Nurse on Call (Vic and Qld) or Health Direct for the other states, rather than the dreaded trip to Emergency.

Please check out their availability as many have had their funding cut and may only be open certain hours.

As always if the call is an emergency, please call 000 for assistance and ask for Police and/or Ambulance.