“Humor is almost always anger with its make-up on.” 

Stephen King

A sense of humour can be a wonderful thing, as sometimes life throws us curve balls and we either laugh or cry!  So, perhaps Stephen King’s quote does have some truth to it!

My sense of humour has definitely needed to kick in this week, as with the relocation I forgot to organise change of flooring and window furnishings prior to relocating.  I have had the flooring person in this week to measure up and will order some coverings for the majority of the space.  The painter is nearly ready and will freshen up the space and especially the exposed wood everywhere within the building.

As advised previously, the builder has been in to look at the space and what needs to be completed.  His team will advise when they are free and hopefully this fits in with our planned break towards the middle of the year.  My sense of humour may need to be around for a little while yet!  The space is going to be a work in progress as it will be my permanent space and we want to get the building up to speed with the maintenance as well. 

The signage went up today, however whilst I am writing this in the office, I have had four clients of the former business walk on in.  The previous business has got signage up about their relocation, however, as they have been in the building for some time – most people just barge in and then notice a new person at the desk (or not)!  As a sole trader, this has me thinking about safety and security whilst with clients in the therapy room(s) – and a notice advising of the front door being locked whilst with clients has been laminated and placed on the front door whilst we work out other ideas.

PS: Look at the gorgeous piece I found last week for my Sand Tray Therapy room – he is stunning!