Journaling #2

“A journal is your completely unaltered voice.” 

Lucy Dacus

This past weekend, I spent some time in Melbourne attending the “mindheart CONNECT: creating resilient lives” conference. 

There was a range of speakers from both Australia and internationally and it was a wonderful reminder about self-care and utilsing a range of techniques to be the best possible version of yourself.  Whilst the conference was about energy psychology, there was also aspects of mindfulness and other techniques, such as journalling.  I resonated with so many (if not all) the speakers and have been following some for a period of time.  I also have some new people to follow.  Growth is always possible.

One of the speakers spoke about the importance of keeping a journal, including what to write about.  She suggested appreciation about self, clarity, choices, gratitude, lists and promises to yourself.  This direction has assisted in extending my journalling process and provides more direction.

The process of writing allows opportunities to flow onto the paper, it also is a space to spend time contemplating on what you really want in life, both now and the future.

My journalling requires pen and paper and I prefer a bound notebook.  I know of a person who prefers the computer and typing as this matches her speed.  The process is the most important element – not what you use.  So please experiment and find what works best for you.

I know that I have a list of messy notes from the conference and am looking forward to rewriting them in some semblance of order in the next few weeks BUT this is always subject to time.

Last year, I was journalling daily and this helped clarify some items in my life – both personally and professionally.  Unfortunately, I let this lapse and need to recommence this process.  Habits are easy to break and hard to keep.  A reminder on the weekend that I need to continue this process as it will assist me with so many aspects of my life – a little time spent on this process is so beneficial.  Learning to allow myself this space is essential to my wellbeing.

And as an extra bonus, the local bookshop had 50% off their journal range for Mother’s Day! I might have purchased a couple for my collection.