Keeping Well

“Life just happens. That’s not the crazy part. The crazy part is when people fight it, when they don’t let it just happen.”  

C JoyBell C

Keeping well is an art form.  For some people, this is their physical health BUT mental health is just as important.  Without both, our mind and spirit does not cope and can lead to feeling very unwell.

A few weekends ago, I was down the Mornington Peninsula at a conference and the land was a lot different to the flat country we have here.  Walking up a hill reminded me of how unfit I am and that I need to move more.  I am trying to introduce regular exercise into my life and am attempting to do this on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, while I was away – I did indulge on the gorgeous food and wines that were available.  I really need to increase my movements, and whilst it was easier when I was on leave as it felt like I had more available time – I need to start factoring this into my daily routine and to prioritise this into my schedule.

It is the same with our mental health and wellbeing, regular mindfulness also needs to be practiced on a daily basis.  The recommended dose for mindfulness is thirty minutes per day and this can be completed in one or a number of sittings.  Mindfulness activities can include meditation, breathing exercises, painting or gardening. 

Self-care is also necessary; you may be aware that I have introduced mosaic to my life on a weekly basis over the past term and I managed to attend eight of the ten available sessions.  This weekend, I have participated in a master class and whilst exhausting (as all new learnings can be) – I have really enjoyed the time spent with the other participants and learning the new techniques.  Mosaics is a form of self-care for me and nourishes my soul.  Taking time out refreshes my mind and helps me be a better person, both in my work and home life.  It recharges me and allows me to refresh and energise.  Self-care differs for us all, however, the aim is the same – filling your spirit which allows you to care for others.

Are you making time to nourish YOU?  Your mind, your body and your spirit?  And if not, what plans can you make to look after YOU?