“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”  


Today is “World Kindness Day” and this has me thinking of when I have been the recipient of someone’s act of kindness and the enormous joy that this brought to me.

Many years ago, one of my clients passed away and my colleague went out of her way to purchase a small posy of flowers and wrote a personal note to me.  Whilst it was a sad occasion, the thoughtful gift and well written card lifted my spirits and made the day a lot brighter.

I have spoken of a work colleague who encouraged me as a 17-year-old to apply for the Bank, she has continued to be my personal cheerleader over a 40-year span.  Her kindness has always encouraged me to grow personally and professionally.  

Another gift was when I was in active treatment for breast cancer and a young family friend dropped in a 3-kilogram bag of oranges for me.  He had been driving past a roadside stall and thought of me.  I remember blubbering for a long time after he left as it really touched me how a young person can change your day.  Three years later and it still has the same effect.  Smiles and tears are always present with this memory.

I have so many memories of kindness received from others; flowers to mark the end of my chemotherapy, text messages of support, the gift of some slippers when purchasing pj’s for hospital, a virtual cuddle prior to my procedure in the middle of COVID (no hugs allowed), staying with friends for a 3-week period and them driving me daily for radiation.  There are so many people who have encouraged me at many different times in my life.

My never-ending list of memories of those acts of kindness, have helped shape me to be the person that I am AND has also assisted me in my times of stress.  These people, whether they realise it or not, have encouraged me to continue to fight through whatever event IL have been struggling with.  Their words or gifts have had a huge impact and provided me with the strength to continue the journey.

To all the wonderful people in my life, thank you for all the gifts of kindness that you have given me over the years.  I really appreciate all of you.