Local or out of region #2

“It occurred to me that no matter where I lived, geography could not save me.”  

Isabel Wilkerson

I try to buy locally when I can, however, sometimes it is unfortunate that I cannot access goods or services from a local source.  When this happens, I have no choice but to look out of our region.

Currently, this is true for dog obedience training.  Yes, we have wonderful trainers locally, but unfortunately their books are currently closed due to high numbers.  Whilst Apollo and I have completed puppy school, we need to access more training in order to have us both trained to the best of our abilities.

I had also been looking at Dog Therapy training and had thought that Apollo needed to be a year old prior to attending.  Our son advised of a trainer in his region, who has trained a few of the therapy dogs at his school.  When I found her social media, this highlighted that she has a range of training options – both obedience and therapy dog courses.  I have booked in for both, commencing with the obedience course due to start in a few weeks and then later on this year we will go to the therapy dog training once I have the tools and Apollo settles with age.  I have also purchased an online training session which I will watch in between both face to face training sessions.  This may assist us both working towards the same goals.  I have purchased the training halter that she prefers and am awaiting to find out how to install correctly and see how this goes.

I am hopeful that Apollo has the right temperament and with further training – we both will get out of some bad habits that we have formed.  And as an added bonus – the trainer is partial to poodles!

Wish us well on this journey and hoping that the training sessions for us both go very well.  It is going to be a long few weeks as we learn new behaviours for us both.  Later in the year it will be a five-day block with lots of interactions……And we also get to visit my son which is more bonus points.