“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m possible!”

Audrey Hepburn

This week we are looking at meaning and what this does for us individually.

I have been reflecting on this and for me, it comes down to the language that we use and how we look at life.  I like to think that I am a more positive person, however I do find myself getting caught up in a negative style from time to time and this then impacts on how I look at the world and my life.  Noticing when this happens assists me in changing my internal narrative and bouncing back to a more positive mood and outlook.

I often speak to my clients that as humans, when things go astray that we all go to the negative side of life.  However, those who are a more glass half full type WILL bounce back quicker than those who view the glass half empty.

Whilst I started writing this earlier in the week – I am currently away for a few days whilst my husband attends a conference.  I sneaked in yesterday to listen to the keynote speaker on improving client conversations.  Whilst the conference is for a field that is different to mine and the speaker was highlighting selling, the message can be transferred to any setting.  She noted that at times, we all use negative language, and this can then unconsciously transfer the negative message to those we are speaking to.  Well worth considering for all our conversations.

Reflecting on yesterday’s message, it has me wondering what language we are sharing with our family members and friends unintentionally.  Are we providing a positive message or one that is leaving them feeling vulnerable?  I will be watching this for the next few weeks to note my style outside of the clinic AND to change my message if needed.

Perhaps this is a much-needed message for us all.  A comment on my notes from yesterday is “language is important” and that our internal dialogue, even though not spoken ALSO transfers unconsciously to the other person. 

Food for thought!