New Year’s Planning

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.”

Gloria Steinem

I don’t subscribe to making a New Year’s resolution, however, do enjoy planning!

So, over the past few days, I have been looking at what needs to be completed this year – both personally and for my business.

You may be aware that I have relocated my clinic address, and this occurred over the Festive season – thankfully some of my adult children were home so the furniture was transported within a few hours.  I have been busy unpacking and arranging the furniture into some sort of order.  I am nearly ready for reopening after the Festive season break.  A delivery of my desk is due on Wednesday, and this will enable me to finish dressing the room.

I am exploring the concept of commencing some groups to my practice, however more structure and planning is required as COVID19 restrictions will impact on the number of participants if inside and I need to consider possible target audiences, marketing plans and more.

I have booked in for training in February 2022 – which is only 5 weeks away!  This requires further reading and the commencement of an online module to be released in a fortnight.  Flights have been booked and I will organise accommodation closer once the venue has been advised.  I am so looking forward to learning a new therapy and bringing this back to our region.  I am equally terrified of the same!

Holidays have been blocked out of my diary as I have the opportunity to attend a conference with my husband’s work.  It is always lovely to be able to get away, even if only for a long weekend or a short break.  This is essential to both my mental and physical health and wellbeing.

I have also penciled in Mental Health First Aid courses – both for the community and oganisations.  Planning for the community course requires further investigation as the venue costs will impact on the price for the participants.  These will be released once all the work is completed and final costings are revealed.  Unfortunately, I am anticipating that with the current restrictions on the number of people allowed in a room – this will increase the price per participant and the viability of this also needs more consideration.

Other plans for 2022 include catching up with family and friends.  This is especially important to me always and more so now after our health scares in recent years.  Time spent with all the important people in my life is so precious and I love spending quality time with all these people.  Over the festive season we spent time with 2 of our adult sons and grandchildren making memories and laughing together.

The high tea event that I have planned for the 22nd of January is getting closer and I will be busy finalising all the arrangements for this.  Ticket sales are progressing and the planning as the day gets closer will be taking up both my time and energy. 

Unlike a resolution, my planning is always developing and emerging.  My plan is to review this regularly and expand the possibilities, I will spend time each week to research events and opportunities.  The group activities will continue to be in progress until it is up and running.  There are a number of other prospects that I am considering, and I am pondering over, as always research is needed prior to committing to these. 

Do you have any plans for the year ahead?  Or are you a person who waits and see’s what happens?