“War is over … If you want it.”

John Lennon

I write this piece today after day one of five of Sand Tray Therapy extensive.  Whilst the brain is slightly overloaded (and yes it will get more over the course of the weekend) – my mind is at peace.  I feel that I have made the right decision to pursue this therapy and all the time it has taken to date and what work it requires in the near future.  Once I complete the Certificate, I will be ready to explore this option with clients in my rooms.

Reflecting on the day last night, the sand is beginning to make sense and the story which comes from each my sandscapes is emerging.  I am looking forward to what transpires over the course of the week, both personally and professionally.

The sand is very calming, provided you purchase the correct one (but that’s another story in itself).  Running your fingers and hands through the tray provides a sense of calm and grounding.  The grains are very soothing to touch and very therapeutic to both the body and mind.  I am so looking forward to filling my tray(s) with the right mixture.

Then, we all got to begin working in the tray.  We commenced with selecting a symbol from the collection and the collective learning began.  Whilst each symbol has a collective meaning, it also has an individual meaning to the creator.  Often the subconscious mind is attempting to work something out and the meaning for the creator may unravel in time or at other times, like some of my fellow learners, their meaning is very clear to them.

It has been wonderful to put the theory into practice and I am so looking forward to bringing this therapy into my space.