Physical health and wellbeing

“Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Nourish it. Watch your life transform and be healthy.”

Bella Bleue

It’s interesting that we are discussing physical health and wellbeing this week, and this is in the week of my breast cancer diagnosis from two years ago! I am pleased to say that I am well.  I am still not fit, however will start on that soon (as I keep telling myself)!

It is also ten months since I finished my last treatment, and I am now on yearly reviews with both my General Practitioner and Oncologist.  This suits us as we feel that I am monitored enough.  Off to have my pathology this week for the review with the Oncologist.

Part of my recovery is to try and eat a healthier diet, move more and take better care and monitoring of my health.  I have incorporated more self-care into my routine and many of you know about my (mostly) weekly mosaic class as part of this. I have added to this and have booked in a day session with a friend and colleague for another self-care project on Sunday.  Very much looking forward to this as it will increase my ability to spend quality time with others.

I was talking with someone recently and we were discussing the importance of looking after yourself, which helps us all complete the other roles we have, working, family and friends.  Self-care assists us be more present and available to others.

Eating well and nourishing the body is also important, our diet can impact on our moods also.  Drinking enough fluids to keep the body and mind hydrated.

Exercise and/or movement is also important, we know that exercise increases our mood and aids our bones to stay healthy.  Thankfully, there are many options to exercise and there should be an activity that meets your needs.  I must admit that this is my downfall, however, it is on my list of things to improve.

A friendly reminder to ensure that all your ailments need to be taken seriously and to contact your health professional if you notice any differences in presentation.  Please also, ensure that any tests that are due are followed up.  Early detection is vital for any health condition.