“I love to work. And it is a pleasure to write. And, oh, I do just love to play!”

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Play is an important concept and whilst it is how children learn and develop, adults also need to spend time in play as this is also a part of our creativity and may also assist us in solving problems.

I took the opportunity recently to visit a colleague and practice some art therapy to solve a problem.  It was a lovely way to turn off my right brain and work through an issue in a different way.

Whilst we did talk about the issue and its impact, working through this issue with art allowed us to look at alternative solutions in a non-confronting manner.

In the same way, sand tray therapy also allows this space to work through issues that we may or may not be aware of.  By using the sand and grounding ourselves, making the sandscape and then adding the symbols – this process allows us to both discuss the sand tray world and look at it from different aspects.  The symbols also take on the emotions as the story emerges.  It is very gentle, and trauma informed, which makes it a safe therapy and the person (as always) controls what is or isn’t discussed.  The therapy continues to work well past the actual timeslot as the body heals and remembers.

I am very privileged to have the new space and able to have a separate room for sand tray therapy as this allows two separate rooms for both types of therapy.  The client can decide which room suits them best or even just use the sand as a form of grounding whilst using more traditional “talk” therapy. 

As the renovations are nearing completion, my plan is to hold an open night for the many professionals in the region to showcase both the new space, the sand tray therapy along with the opportunity to network with local colleagues.  I am hopeful that this happens prior to my planned leave, but as always, I am being flexible with the dates and planned works.  Change takes time and I need to respect that.