“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”

Thomas Edison

This week we are exploring positivity and the impact that this can have on our life.

I am doing a 30-day challenge with a friend and in the workbook, there is a mixture of mindfulness activities, movement, and positive thinking.  Whilst I am only a week in, it is a great reminder that we all need to remind our brain to be more positive because as humans, we all tend to look at the negative. 

The workbook also has aspects of gratitude and looking at the highlights of each day.  The practice of writing things down also helps reinforce them and makes the mind sharper. 

Interestingly, I know that I am a more positive person most of the time.  However, when life gets a little difficult or I become a little unwell – I also know that my mind goes to the negativity of all the situations!

I was speaking with a colleague recently and we were exploring some judgements that I have about myself and how this blocks me from achieving.  Once again, it was a great reminder that those old stories we hold, or past hurts can really impact on the here and now.  I am not immune to this and need to practice positivity just as much as everyone else.  Self-doubt also compounds this.

It was a timely message as I continue to work through a new therapy, as my self-doubt and judgements ARE getting in the way.  A wonderful wake up call to ensure that I continue to look after myself, practice self-care and work on the messages that I give myself.

So, this week – my pledge is to complete the workbook daily (I had taken a few days off) and make sure that I make the time and space to be able to achieve this.