“Everything is within your power, and your power is within you.” 

Janice Trachtman

The strength of having a positive mindset or attitude is immeasurable.   It has the power to change outcomes and lives.

Young children don’t have a negative outlook, they believe that they are capable of many great things, and I feel that this is often discouraged by the adults around them.  As they grow older, other’s view and influences change their thinking, and they may become less positive as they age.

A positive mindset can assist with resilience and also helps to achieve things on a regular basis.  Having the glass half full look into life is a positive slant on how you view the world.  Don’t despair, you can learn to change your mindset and whilst it can be difficult at first, through perseverance it is possible.  You can start by commencing a daily gratitude journal and each day note down three things that you are grateful for.  Recognise the limiting beliefs that you have and trying to change the way you look at the world.  Changing the wording to give yourself more wiggle room – rather than “I always do this wrong”, thinking of a new story “I almost got it that time”.  Language is so important, it can either encourage or discourage – so watch out on what you tell yourself.

Vulnerability and/or stress makes us all go to a negative mindset, regardless of our initial mindset (positive or negative).  You may find yourself going straight to catastrophising – in which the outcome will be worst possible, black and white thinking – things are either good or bad, no room to move in between.  Learning to challenge these thoughts and having a more positive outlook limits the impact they have on both your mood and life.  Negativity skews our thinking and through noticing, we can once again challenge and change our thoughts.

The power is yours.

On a separate positive note – check out this Orchid that I have kept alive since March this year.  It has reflowered!  Very impressed for a person who normally doesn’t do plants very well!