“We tried to trademark proximity, but you can’t because it’s a word.” 

Michael Lewis

Proximity is a wonderful word meaning – nearness in space, time or relationship.  It is a lovely word that could be used to describe a range of items but for me, proximity is definitely about relationships.

One of the people I would like to meet – Sam Cawthorn talks about the “power of proximity” in which he states – your five closest people will either lift you up or suck the life out of you, be careful who you choose!  This information is perhaps a little late as over the festive season relationships can get a little tense at times.  Family issues (if already there) get reactivated over the period when families tend to spend more time together.  Add alcohol and the situation could explode!

As a parent, whose now adult children live at all ends of Australia – proximity isn’t always about the family being close in space but keeping the relationships to enable us to visit or them to visit us.  Thankfully, we have all been able to maintain this over the years. This makes Christmas a difficult event to manage as distance is always an issue.  I remember when the kids were younger, and we were influenced (pressured) negatively to attend family functions – this was something I always felt strongly about and have allowed the family to make their own choices about where they spend Christmas.  No one needs added pressure when there is a myriad of decisions to be made about work, travel and other people in their lives.  Whilst seeing them is great, choice needs to be respected.

We were due to travel to Queensland this Christmas; however, the new addition changed our plans.  Adult child No 4 managed to visit his brother No 3 and by all accounts – they are having a great time.  Our plans with No 1 also changed and we now have multiple people and a dog in the home – it hasn’t been this busy (read noisy) for many years.  It is lovely having them all here and the youngest grandchild and the dog are currently competing for the top position.  Let’s see how this progresses on day two.  The pup is currently waiting and resting under my feet as the rest of the household wakes up.

Wondering what the word “proximity” conjures up for you?