Receiving support – a new experience

“Asking is the beginning of receiving. Make sure you don’t go to the ocean with a teaspoon. At least take a bucket so the kids won’t laugh at you.”   

Jim Rohn

Receiving support can be difficult at times.

For me, I like to provide the support, both professionally and personally.  So, this was a difficult task when life turned pear shape for me.  It was something that I had to battle with for the time of my treatment.

Life came back to haunt me as I had used a similar line with a workmate some time earlier.  Something along the effects of “Sometimes it’s not about you, others want to show their support to you!”  I had to learn how to accept help and do it graciously and gratefully.  Whether words of encouragement, flowers, morning teas, telephone calls, a visit, meals delivered or a cuddle – all were welcome and overwhelming.  I even had lessons on how to inject needles from a friend! I am hoping I will never need to perform this again – nursing is so not my forte.

Receiving support has been a hard lesson for me.  Being totally overwhelmed and tearful after the visit, call or delivery.  The memory of one of my son’s friends turning up with a bag of oranges still brings tears to my eyes as it was the most beautiful present.  He drove past a roadside stall and thought of me.

I am attempting to make sure that those who did help us all out over the past time know how much we truly appreciate them. 

The timing of our operations which happened during lockdowns and restrictions, so visiting was restricted to only one family member.  Our adult children were living interstate and unable to travel.  This placed pressure on them also as it is difficult to know or understand what is going on when you physically cannot be there.  

My team, which included my family and a whole network of friends – kept in touch in a variety of ways.  I am extremely grateful for all their support and hope to return the favour should they ever need it.

An important reminder to nurture all your special relationships, partners, family members, friends and colleagues.  As the restrictions have eased over the years, we have ensured that we celebrate special times with all of our supporters.  We have learnt that we need to take time out and enjoy ourselves and also ensure that we spend quality time with all our special people.  Life is certainly to short not to have our support crew.

Are you needing to connect with some of your crew?  Don’t delay – time is precious.