“I find the best way to love someone is not to change them, but instead, help them reveal the greatest version of themselves.” 

Steve Maraboli

My life has certainly changed over the years, especially with relationships – both those of family and friends.

The relationships change and alter as we all develop, change and grow.  The relationships either grow with this or they may stagnate and at times, grow apart.

This is particularly apt at the moment – as we picked up a new dog over the weekend.  Apollo’s brother, Sebastian got relinquished back to the breeder and we were lucky enough to secure him as our new family member.  Whilst it is only day two, the (re)meeting went really well and the relationship continues to improve and develop each day.  Today as I write this, it is overcast and raining – they didn’t have the space for their usual rough n tumble and have managed to get along despite this.

As Sebastian was relinquished, he spent some time with his parents.  His father – Marlon, came to the fence and spoke to us all and he also remade acquaintance with Apollo.  It was delightful to hear Marlon talk to both his boys and entrust them both to our home.

We drove the boys home after a lunch with our family nearby and introduced Sebastian to our grandchildren.  Having two standard poodles certainly got some attention at The Big Strawberry in Koonoomoo!  Both boys enjoyed the attention, especially those on the tour bus.  To make the journey a little easier on us all, I gave my front seat to Apollo and he rode shotgun all the way home.  Sebastian enjoyed the extra space in the back seat and relaxed the whole way home.

Whilst Sebastian has only spent two nights here in his new furever home, he has settled in well.  Just like any new relationship (even when separated for a period of time), we are all adjusting to having two dogs in our family.  Sebastian is so more advanced than the other three of us, as he has always been in a multi dog home, firstly with the breeder (he was the last dog placed), his first home, back to the breeder and now with us. 

Apollo was our first inside dog and now with two gorgeous boys who are also quite tall, space is a little constricted at times.  As I write this, both are lounging under or around the table. 

Interestingly, the breeder has always stated Sebastian was the quiet one!  He roared when he first saw Apollo and it will be interesting to watch their relationship develop to see who is going to the more dominant one!

As Apollo has responded better with my husband, I am hopeful that Sebastian will bond better with me, and I can fulfill the dream of having a therapy dog at work.

As always, watch this space for further developments and wish us all well with our furbabies.