“Toilet paper is like an unreliable bridge, you are gonna have to walk across mud valley from time to time.” 

Nuclear Circus

This week’s topic is reliability and for me, this is a form of trust and preferences for people who have shown up in the past and have proven their skill and their ability to do a great job.

As you may be aware, I have relocated my clinic and am in the midst of renovating the space whilst operating in it.  This means that the tradespeople that I want to work with, need to fit in with me and me with them.

We took a long weekend last week and during this time, I had both the painter and the security team working in my space.  Providing them keys to the premises and trusting that they will look after the space and do their work, even though I was not available or local should they need me.

Needless to say, I am very impressed and happy with their work ethic and skills.

I came back and the clinic is on its way to looking how it should and the place was clean and tidy.  The woodwork has been given a polish, the walls are now all one colour and the alarm system is activated and working.

This weekend, we also had new fencing and gates installed at home.  During this time, we found a rather big issue with the previous fencer!  He had drilled a hole into our septic system off the shed and forgot to let us know!  This has been sitting there for many years without us being aware of it.  Thankfully, we did not employ him this time around as he has been found out to be VERY unreliable.

A reminder that at times, we need to look at many aspects of a person’s characters and reliability has many facets.