“It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one’s acts.”

Mahatma Gandhi

This week we are exploring the act of taking responsibility and what that means.  Responsibility is being accountable or the opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions.

For our family at this time of the year, we are responsible for our three family Christmas celebration.  It is to be held at our home and we have been charged with the delegation.  We decided that we would provide the meats and potato bake and ask the other family’s what dish(es) they would like to bring along.

This also means that we are in charge of the decorations, place settings and ensuring we have enough table space for all.  This will mean that the day prior, we need to clean the outside setting and relocate the sofa and chairs from our family room to allow the other table to be inside.  I have checked the number of plates I have and ordered another set of dinner plates to ensure that everyone is covered.  I have also checked the number of platters in readiness for the meat to be carved on and presented on the buffet table. 

I even have a few surprises for the family members in attendance and these are currently in hiding in readiness for the day’s event.  It is part of the entertainment!

Kris Kringle has been organised for the adults thanks to one of the family members – this year we are not drawing names.  Each guest is to purchase a unisex present and this ensures that all present will have a gift to open.  I also have a small gift available for the kids.  Unfortunately, the dog’s will be in their enclosure for the afternoon, but it is a necessity as they are currently behaving a little badly!

Whilst the celebration will take a little work to organise, we are very much looking forward to celebrating Christmas together with important family and friends.

I hope that you also get to celebrate the season with people you love.

PS: the photo is of the gorgeous wreath that I purchased at the local Farmers Market for the table decoration.