“Slow down,

Calm down,

Don’t worry,

Don’t hurry,

Trust the process.”

Alexandra Stoddard

This week, our discussion is around self-care and how this is so important – especially in times of difficulty.

I remember when life was difficult for me and my family.  We had a few health issues within a six-month period, and we were all locked down during COVID along with all the world. I had been travelling an hour each way to work and home and when I finally stopped, I realised that I may have an abnormality in my breast after many months of denial. I made the call for an appointment at the doctors in person.  A few more tests and yes – I was on a journey that no one wants to begin.

I was very fortunate, both with my treating team and whilst the prognosis was not all that good – I decided that I was in the driving seat, and I could influence the outcome.

I did keep a journal during these times and whilst I have not read the whole document, I do remember that I chose to have a more positive outlook.  My body did not always agree with my mindset, but I thought if I trusted the team which included not only the medical staff, but also my family and friends.  Yes, it was COVID times and whilst the family were isolated interstate – their phone calls and messages were really important to me.  My friends were also an important source of positivity and normalcy, which allowed me other things to focus on.  All the support kept me going, even when life was difficult.

All I could do at this time, was to ensure that my self-care plan was the best it could be.  I may not have been able to exercise, but any movement was a positive.  My mental health and well-being were inspired by what I could control and the relationships that also assisted me during this time.

Yes, it was difficult at times as I am a person who loves to help others – receiving help was uncomfortable.  However, I have always stated (to others) that sometimes we all need to respect that others want to show their love and support to us.  It was a very important learning experience and one that can never be repaid.

I now know that the above quote is so true.  We all need to slow down, enjoy life and trust those around us.