Self-care 2022 style

“Self-care is how you take your power back.”

Lalah Delia

I wrote about self-care in December, and I feel that it is once again timely to remind you all that this is such an important thing to do.  It is an essential task that we all need to do, to spend time on activities that refresh us – our body and our soul.  Taking time out from our busy world and partaking in an enjoyable activity that feeds your soul.

Many of you may know, that this year I have decided to take my own advice.  I have been spending a few hours each week taking mosaic classes.  This past weekend, I spent two days at the studio making a mosaic bird bath.  The class was small and mostly those in the class, were quietly working on their project.  It was a lovely break from my normal weekend activities and allowed my mind to switch off from my work or home mode and concentrate on what was before me.

From picking the colours, the design and actually placing each piece of glass – this allowed my mind to quieten and be at one with the total project.  It was also beneficial being fed and watered whilst in the group. 

It was very similar to a mini holiday; I feel refreshed and have a sense of achievement of what I managed to complete in a very short time.  Mid afternoon on the second day and I had finished gluing the tiles on the top of the bird bath.  Once this cures, I can then grout the piece which will take a few more hours.  The grouting will take roughly a day to dry and then the piece is ready for my backyard.

I hope the birds enjoy it as much as I have. 

Whilst this project was self-care for me, self-care activities need not be expensive.  They can be activities that you can complete at home, or in the local region.  For many of my friends – fishing is a form of self-care or time spent in the garden.  For my husband, it is time spent on his motorcycle with others in his group.

Self-care is any activity that brings you joy and fills up your cup.  You can’t provide care to others if your own cup is empty.