Self-care #3

“When you say ‘yes’ to others make sure you are not saying ‘no’ to yourself.”

Paulo Coelho

I often write or talk of self-care, and it is another reminder that we all need to practice this and often, in order to give the best self to others.

For those who are following along, we have picked up a new puppy on the weekend and this has reinforced what it Is like to have a new person in the house and how much time is spent on looking after them.  Much like a new baby in the family.

Whilst Apollo is gorgeous, he takes time to look after and to settle in our home.  We have to learn his schedule and he – ours.

Things that I have taken for granted for many years, now means negotiating with others – to take time out for myself, especially in these important early stages.  Thankfully, Apollo is going to my husband’s workplace during the week – but time after work and weekends, needs to be carefully managed to ensure that we all have time out to do things that bring us joy.  I imagine that this will change as Apollo gets older and he is not so “needy” of us and our time.  We also need to factor in puppy school and other training for Apollo (and us).

Like parents with young children, I will have limited available time, and this requires carefully planning a new schedule that suits the whole family but without providing the opportunity and commitment to  attend the activity – we will all burn out and not provide the best of ourself to the family and other important people in our lives.  Self-care is especially needed when time is limited, and your life is busy.  At times, you may need to be strict to ensure that you are doing self-care activities which enables you to continue looking after others in your life.  And this also includes learning to say “no” and sticking to the schedule that you have planned OR learning to be flexible with your planning, to changing the schedule if needed.

 Also, a friendly reminder that you may see a lot of puppy spam in my socials from now!  Sorry, not sorry………