Social Responsibility

We all have a social responsibility and have to be mindful of what we do and say.

Aja Brown

As a human, I choose to give back to the community that I live and work in.  Both personally and through my business. 

I donate time, by volunteering to be on committees or helping organisation’s out when they need people power and through donations of money or my clothing to the local opportunity shops.  I have also held positions on various organisations over the years, such as school parent groups and as a board member on local organisations.  I have also been a member of service groups, such as Lions and Lioness groups and assisted on the many groups that our family have been involved with – both formally and informally.

This helps my social conscious but also enables me to feel connected to the community. 

My latest way to give back is through an event that I am organising to support a local organisation that does not receive government funding, however, assists many local people who are going through a cancer journey – Sunraysia Cancer Resources (SCR).

Many years ago, I volunteered my time to support this organisation on their committee of management.  Last year, they supported me and assisted in making the travel arrangements for when I needed to attend radiation outside our region.  They paid for the flights and the money was returned to them from the State Government through their patient transport assistant scheme.  This was also in COVID19 restrictions, and the airline withdraw my flight – SCR assisted with this also.  At the time I was unable to deal with the added stress and it was such a relief to have another person handle this for me.  I am forever grateful for the support and resources they provided.

It feels great to be able to raise funds for this wonderful organisation as a way of highlighting both Breast Cancer Awareness and an organisation who helps so many local people undertaking treatment for any cancer. 

My journey has highlighted some gaps in the system and now that I am well – I will be talking to key players to see if we can address them at a local level to provide a better support system for all of the community. 

So, if you are a local to my region and would like to attend the High Tea at Botanica Restaurant on Saturday 22nd January 2022 – please contact me for a ticket or two.  Your support would be greatly appreciated.  Tickets are $60 per person and includes a glass of bubbly on arrival and you are also in the draw for a door prize.