“We are stronger when we listen, and smarter when we share.”

Rania Al-Abdullah

This week’s discussion is around team work and just as it takes a village to raise a child, the same can go for the new puppy that we have invested in.

As a first time, inside dog owner and also given what we would like to achieve with him – we have surrounded ourselves with a team of “experts” which is growing longer each week.

When Apollo was born, his team included his dog family and the breeders.  Thankfully, he was provided a beautiful start to life.  Both Michelle and John socialised the puppies and exposed them to a range of new experiences (including loud noises) to ensure that they were well adjusted puppies who are not startled. 

Bringing him home, we expanded the team to include our family and friends, the vet and their staff, puppy school and his new work family.  We began his weekly bathing, and our grooming skills are getting better.  He has met his new groomer (to provide a more professional finish) and we are booked in monthly for this.  He has continued to be exposed to new outings and he loves going on road trips, whether for a short break or just a drive.  He really enjoyed visiting our younger son in his new town and explored the parks and shopping locally.  Apollo even met some young children and sat nicely whilst they had a pat of him.

He has met his dog sitter in anticipation of when we are away at a conference and will soon have a weekend with her prior to the longer trip. 

For those locally, further training for dogs is limited, however, due to networking – we have located a Therapy Dog trainer near our son and have booked in for adolescent training and therapy dog training both in the near future.  This will assist us in being able to communicate with Apollo and better ensure that he is going to be the best dog that he can. 

As a side note, part of our team also includes a dog dryer that we purchased recently.  Given Apollo’s love of water (and mud) – it has been given a little bit of a workout lately. 

Who have you in your team?  Whether it be life, work or sport?