Telehealth option

“The social brain is in its natural habitat when we’re talking with someone face-to-face in real time.”

Daniel Goleman

Telehealth is an amazing opportunity for both the clinician and client.  It means that we can continue to work together despite distance or the inability to leave the house during times of being unwell.  This was so important during the pandemic as many of us were working from home and/or locked down.

Telehealth continues to hold its importance, especially for those who are carers and time poor.  Whilst the length of the appointment may be sufficient to leave their loved one, travel often adds an extra burden of time.  A carer can stay in the home and connect with their health professional through the technology that allows them to be in a “virtual” office.

For me, as the health professional – Telehealth allows me to connect with my clients, regardless of where either of us is located.  I can be away from my bricks and mortar office and work anywhere, provided of course that I have a secure internet connection.  This is also true for the client.  This has been handy over the past few years whilst travelling for health, business or leave.

The platform that I utilise – Coviu, is secure and has the added benefits of being able to share resources whilst on the call.  I can put up educational resources whilst describing aspects to the client.  Just like when in person.  Another benefit is that I can have multiple people dialing in, this is really great for parents to be able to access this, whether they are at work or at home.  One can continue to work until the scheduled appointment time.  Another important feature of this platform is that you do not need to download a program to attend.  Once the invitation is sent, you connect at the required time by tapping on the link in the invitation. 

Telehealth is an important part of my practice, and it is available for all clients, whether you reside locally or not.  It is an opportunity to get a health service where it is difficult to source in your region.  It also assists should you relocate and wish to continue with your health provider.