“It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.” 

Albert Einstein

This week’s topic is wisdom, and this often comes with learning, not necessarily age.  To be able to learn is an artform as your mind needs to be open and willing to look at a question and seek multiple options to choose from.

An example of this was when I first looked at Emotional Freedom Techniques over ten years ago.  I had a brief look and instantly decided that it was a load of baloney!  A few years later, I had a better look and purchased books to read on the subject.  I looked up journalled articles on the subject and got to understand the evidence behind the techniques more thoroughly.  I then booked into some training and tried the techniques myself.  From this time, I now know that the techniques work and am part of the growing network of practitioners, both nationally and internationally.  I recently attended a conference with experts in the field.  Interestly, the American Psychological Association have added Emotional Freedom Techniques to their list of approved psychological focused therapies recently.  I am hopeful that this influences on our shores in the near future.

Initially my mind was black or white, the technique either worked or not.  My mind was not open to the opportunity of finding out further information to explore.  By sitting with an open mind, the second time, I allowed myself to investigate and discover more about the topic.  I looked at the people who were working with this technique and read more about it.  My mind was curious and able to look at the information and reflect on the possibilities.  You may have heard the terms, growth or fixed mindset and this plays a really important role in learning or not!

Early in my exploration of Emotional Freedom Techniques my mind was fixed and not willing to explore the world of this.  Fast forward a few more years and my mind were open and willing to explore alternative views.  This allowed me to research and make an informed decision with ALL the information available.

Wisdom is obtained by a willingness to be open to all the opportunities that are available, and growth often happens when life is a little challenging.

Are you willing to look at all the options available, or are you in a fixed mindset?