“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” 


This week we are exploring work, and this is really hitting home for me as the renovations of my new workspace is continuing.

As I am sitting here writing this piece, my kitchenette is waiting to be completed.   The tradies were in on the weekend boxing up and the cupboards are in the spare office waiting to be installed when the clinic is less busy, so the noise does not interrupt my clients and the office next door.  Earlier in the week, the electrician put in a new plug for the fridge and microwave as there was no outlet to that side of the room.  The new space will certainly be more workable than the original kitchenette and offer more available space.  The tradies are certainly working around me and my clients and are being very adaptable to my schedule.  I am really appreciative of this and their workmanship is also of a high standard. 

I am out of the office tomorrow as I am travelling up the highway to deliver Mental Health First Aid course and the blind installers will be putting in two of the three blinds.  I am hoping that this finishes the new office space and blends in nicely.  It is always a little confronting picking out colours from small pieces.  I am looking forward to viewing the reveal tomorrow evening on my return to the region.

Interestingly, I have managed to pick out similar coloured lino and cupboards, so will be rethinking the lino choice in the kitchenette and bathrooms. I could not have tried to match it any more perfectly!  Thankfully, this is not a big problem as we have not measured up for this flooring and it has not been ordered.   

The work in progress has left me with a working fridge, however I am uncertain of where the microwave, glassware and utensils are for my lunch.  Thankfully, I have kind neighbours in the street, and I am heating and eating up my lunch with them.